MP x W&W black tourmaline set

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MPxW&W tourmaline.jpg

MP x W&W black tourmaline set


Forever obsessed with Wax & Wane bracelets, both in physical appeal and energetic magnitude, I couldn’t wait to unveil a limited-edition set designed to complement some of my all-time favorite stones.

I love layering and matching my magic, and my W&W collection is always expanding while encouraging me to balance my energies and bring extra power to my vibration. I am beyond thrilled and honored to share this collaboration with you, as they are just as dreamy as they are durable and perfect for gifting yourself or your loved ones for the holidays.

Black Tourmaline is a powerful protector against negative energies that cause you to feel drained throughout the day. It is a stone that keeps you grounded while transmuting heavy, dense energies into that of a lighter vibration which will suit you better so that you may manifest your goals with focused intent. Black Tourmaline acts like a bad-vibe vacuum, detoxifying your energetic and physical body while creating a harmonious balance to all chakras and leveling out masculine and feminine energies. It encourages a mindset which embraces vulnerability to better understand yourself and those around you, releasing negative thought patterns, eliminating fear and victimization modalities. Black Tourmaline draws in a positive attitude, attracting compassion, inspiration, tolerance and prosperity. 

Each necklace is 18" long, featuring a one-of-a-kind stone on a 14 karat gold filled chain and has been cleansed with selenite, lavender and sage under a full moon.

Necklace pictured will vary slightly in size and color, as each piece is one of a kind.

Select the size bracelet which will best suit your wrist. For additional assistance see the W&W measuring guide.

Each set is custom made to order.

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