Dream Team: Daily Ways to Incorporate Crystals

 “So, what do you do with crystals? How do you use them?”  These are questions I am frequently asked, and they are some of my favorites. Simply put, aside from meditating with my stones and keeping them all throughout my environment, there are many ways I see them now being incorporated across so many platforms – in candles, makeup production processes (looking at you, Glossier Haloscope!), and home décor like bookends or coasters. I’ve compiled my all-time preferred ways to feature crystals into daily life in simple, beautiful, modern ways that make it easy to take positive vibes with you through every step of your day

Pictured: Margaux Perrier Jewelry: Kunzite and Hiddenite; Crown Works Crystal Comb; Spellbound Sky Essential Oil Potion; Jade Beauty Roller

Pictured: Margaux Perrier Jewelry: Kunzite and Hiddenite; Crown Works Crystal Comb; Spellbound Sky Essential Oil Potion; Jade Beauty Roller

With a love that runs deep for how empowering, striking and energetically inspiring crystals are, I decided to marry my desire to create with the sheer adoration for the metaphysical into wearable, delicate crystal pieces. My line of jewelry is, like me, forever evolving, embracing the constant hunt for balance and personal growth while maintaining a strong vision of self-expression. Thus far, they have brought me nothing but joy, and I absolutely love designing pieces that can stand on their own, or blend well with each other as well as unique pieces from your own collection.

There has been a whole lot of hype buzzing around the beauty industry for Jade face rollers, as Jade has long been treasured throughout Chinese tradition as maintaining the ability to draw out negative energy, embodying overall physical vitality and emotional well-being. Jade is also ideal for heart chakra opening, boosting prosperity and bringing good luck. Ever since I spotted them gracing the headlines of all my major beauty blogs, I had to add one to my crystal kit. These bad boys are beneficial for smoothing out fine lines and wrinkles, reducing puffiness and inflammation, and generally making your face feel supremely awake and relaxed simultaneously while you give yourself a daily facial massage. I keep mine in the refrigerator for an added morning wake-up boost, using it just after moisturizing at the start of the day. 

Pictured: Crown Works Crystal Comb in Rose Quartz

Pictured: Crown Works Crystal Comb in Rose Quartz

While scrolling through social media, I recently discovered the most stunning comb I’ve ever seen. I literally gasped – was that Rose Quartz? Anyone who knows me can essentially target me as one who can never have too much of this dreamy pink stone. Upon reading about the process taken to create these gorgeous pieces, I expressed zero self-control and knew I wanted to take my self-care to the next level. In working with my crystal comb, I found an entirely new way to work on releasing heart chakra tensions through connecting truly to my highest Self. The process of meditating with this stone not only allowed me to relax further and enjoy my end-of-day routine, but completely opened my crown chakra so that I could physically feel the strands of my tangled heartstrings to find another release. The comb kit contained so many personal, extraordinary little details, including the accompaniment of a Key Affirmation stating: “The past is healed. I open myself to love and light. I am love.”  After using it several times, I have found an additional tool to drive more of a centered flow of energy to enter and escape, while focusing primarily on self-love to regularly refill my Thank Bank.

Pictured: Spellbound Sky Essential Oil Potion in Diamond Life

Pictured: Spellbound Sky Essential Oil Potion in Diamond Life

One of my favorite places on the planet is the magical realm of Spellbound Sky. Located in Los Angeles and donned in disco balls accompanied by a six-foot unicorn, it has always been my primary source for everything ritualistic – from crystals, candles, jewelry and the forever essential oil potions. Made in-store using an unscented coconut oil base, each specific potion is thoughtfully created using a layer of well composed oils with a handful of specific crystals to further raise the vibration of each fragrance. My personal selections are the Diamond Life, infused with clove, frankincense and Quartz crystals to amplify intentions – and because, let’s be honest, who doesn’t want a Diamond life? And my other major choice being Love Force (obviously), filled with Rose Quartz, ylang ylang, rose and sandalwood essential oils. 

Pictured: Wax & Wane Bracelets; Garnet, Herkimer Diamond and Ruby

Pictured: Wax & Wane Bracelets; Garnet, Herkimer Diamond and Ruby

            The quickest, easiest and most glamorous way I’ve found to bring crystals into everyday life is by wearing them. My arm candy is always evolving and changing based on my mood, where I am in life, what I want in a particular day, or simply by what makes me feel most inspired. My go-to bracelet Guru is Wax & Wane Jewelry, as the quality, variety and style is totally unparalleled of anywhere I’ve found. Dean has literally hundreds of styles, shapes and sizes, sourcing the best beads from all over the world and is an absolute joy to work with. I have adopted countless pieces for my collection over the past several years and am always finding new ways to mix-and-match according to my energy each day and gifting them regularly. The stack I am currently crushing on has a Ruby centerpiece embodying passion, confidence, goal setting and encouraging the visualization process. I paired that with two Herkimer Diamond bracelets, each an extremely high vibrational stone used for gaining guidance from spirit guides, spiritual evolution and accessing the true purpose of your soul. These three are sandwiched between two Garnets, one of my all-time favorite energies to work with, embracing a passionate, motivated mindset to spark a flame to kick down goals while keeping you grounded so you don’t burn out. This combo also has a little bit of a sexy vibe, to keep confidence levels high and the productivity train moving!

With so many ways to introduce crystals into your life, the most important way to remember is you must choose the path that inspires you, noting there is no way to do it wrong. As many or as few different ways you utilize them, it can be beneficial both to have a directed stream of focus or a colorful array of energies – whichever route feels most harmonious to you in the moment. Embrace the energies that feel right, encouraging, comforting, energizing, protecting, and any others which speak to you. Trust your intuition, and let unlimited possibilities be your guide.

Chapter I : The Ego


WOW! So after my revolutionary post and decision to change my life, I was absolutely astonished by the amount of anonymous appreciation, support, and encouragement I received. Well, dear readers, it’s washed over me like a veil of love and I am floored and endlessly grateful. My heart is full and the gears are cranking and turning to pull out a lot of new projects. This first week of new living has been liberating, a little nerve-racking, and filled with a lot of planning, executing, and cleansing. I’ll be honest, the first three days were a complete torpedo of whirlwind cleaning house – I believe you are a product of your environment, and when I actually had the time to examine my environment, I started seeing ways of how I could make it a more productive one. Cleansing crystals, tossing out things I don’t need, reorganizing desk space, pulling some old books off the shelf, scrubbing walls, floors, and laundering every couch cushion in sight, I began to feel a shift in the household energy. This freed up the space for me to focus on next-steps: the first copy of my children’s book is currently being typed, the brain is working to come up with a storyline for the Novel, and of course, I’ve not forgotten about updating this blog and all of my beautiful readers. And now I feel as though I have a duty to you (and to my Self) to continue to encourage you, and push you, and be that little nudge of reasoning as to why you can do exactly as I just did, and why you can have faith and confidence in yourself to quit living a life that doesn’t bring you anything but personal success and happiness on every level.

I’m going to make a book recommendation (and a hundred more moving forward), and if you’ve not read it, I strongly urge you – Hell, I am going to go ahead and beg you, to pick up, borrow, or re-read The Power of Now. So go ahead, pop over to Amazon and Prime ship it to yourself right now. I’ll wait…. There – 1 click ship? Finished? Right, we can continue. The Power of Now is a brilliant, awe-inspiring book filled with advice on how to re-structure your entire way of thinking (change your thinking, change your life) to step outside of your Mind and Mindfully yet Objectively, observe that little voice in your head – whom Tolle refers to as the Ego – and witness the train of thoughts and its way of operating and filling you with negative thoughts, instead of surrendering to them blindly and allowing them to control your life. This Ego…Does it instill panic? Fear? Worry? Does it present road-blocks? Obstructions? Doubt? Think about it. Anytime you’ve set a goal, had a day-dream, wanted to do something: It will give you a hundred reasons why Not to do something, and I will give you one reason why you should: because you can.

How is that published author any different than you? They are a person, are they not? They are human, they are a breathing living being, they have goals and fears and worries and problems and an Ego just like you do – they just said “fuck it” and took the next step. They made the jump and they made it happen.

If they can do it, you can do it. A wise person (and well published author) once told me, “If I can do it, you can do it. Write the fucking book. Prove them wrong.” And I think the bigger lesson here is, Prove yourself right. Then go ahead and Prove yourself wrong. If you have that belief in yourself, follow it. And if you have that self-doubt, shut it up, and go for it anyway, damnit.

I’ve learned one thing about myself in this development: I am not afraid of failure. I’ve failed before, I’ve failed hard – and I’ve shifted that belief that there IS such a thing of failure and substituted that F word with Learning. There is no failing, only learning. If you can take those experiences where you expected an outcome, went for it, and received a different outcome – how is that a failure? It’s a learning, nonetheless. So how can I be afraid to learn? No, I’m not afraid of failure. I am afraid of success. I have this innate fear of “What if it DOES work? What will I do then? How will I be able to compete with myself and raise the bar even further to produce more success?” That is the problem with "What If" - it's a product of the Ego, and it's there to make you doubt yourself a hundred times and it's a product of fear. Fear of failure, or fear of success, I know it sounds silly, it sounds silly to me – but whether you’re afraid of not making it, or making it, you are still afraid, and you will still create reasons to not do something and to not succeed, or to not fail. And all that time you spend sitting in your own head rationalizing, mapping, planning, worrying, wondering, thinking thinking thinking and thinking, you could instead be DO-ing. You could have a fucking book written by now! (Feel free to substitute that feat with any other career goal you have on the backburner)

At the end of the day, it doesn’t matter how many inspirational quotes you’ve posted or have been moved by. If you read something while rapidly scrolling through the feed of your Pinterest, Instagram, or Facebook, and you stop to take a moment and say “Fuck yeah, Absolutely!” Stop.

Take stock of that moment, harness it, and let it propel you forward.

Do something.

Prove it.

Not to anyone besides yourself, because nobody else matters at the end of your life, nobody else reflects back on how you lived, what goals were ticked off the list, what travels you took, what experiences you had, except for you and you alone.

Go for it.

Reach for it.

Then take it, unafraid. What’s there to be afraid of? It’s all learning. And that’s what I’ve realized: Whether it’s “failure” or “success”, it’s a learning, through-and-through. There can be nothing threatening about more learning.

Why wait until tomorrow when you can do it right this moment?

Make the time.

Prioritize yourself.

Quit thinking “I should do that”

“That sounds like a good idea”

“I want to do that”

Shake yourself awake and actually MAKE A STEP.

Make a list.

Make a list of things you don’t like, and things that you do. A list of things you don’t want to do, and things that interest you. Then expand that list – add: jobs that may fall into the category of things you like doing.

Research it.

Visualize it.

Do something to advance yourself instead of wishfully thinking about it and comparing your life to the girl who seems to have her shit together through a filtered lens. That girl has her own demons, her own inner battles, her own little ego telling her a million ways why she can’t and road blocks to keep her from DO-ing. But she does it anyway, and that is the only thing separating you from them. The action. I have complete and total faith in you, darling readers. You can fucking do it.

If I can do it, you can do it.