- Margaux Perrier -


As a French-American designer combining my adoration for the metaphysical with delicate wearable pieces, my goal has always been to empower those who wear them.  My jewelry line is a marriage between a love of all things beautiful with an innate desire to create, intended to inspire the wearer to access those parts within themselves to feel as divinely perfect as they truly are.


The Blog:

Forever a reader and a writer,  I have had my moments of self-doubt, frustration, confusion and arresting of any progress - full stop. And to counter these moments, I have also discovered immense strength and courage interwoven between bursts of excitement, gratification and reflection, followed by extraordinary moments of personal growth and expansion beyond anything I could have imagined.

In recognizing that we are all doing the best we can with what we have, through openness and vulnerability I aim to encourage those to choose positivity.  Choose empowerment. Choose success. Choose to rise and to love yourself and not to feel defeated by the things that happen to us.

With a deep infatuation with design,  art,  literature,  exploration,  style and writing, my dream is to connect all of these facets into a creative stream of consciousness to inspire those who perhaps feel trapped, helpless or lost, and leave feeling inspired, empowered and whole. Our experiences need not define us, but instead provide a push to blossom and exceed our own expectations.